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Introducing Lesley Ross

As part of our continuing business growth and big plans for 2021, we are extremely excited to officially welcome my wife, Lesley Ross, to the CleanTEC family.

To give our customers an insight into how Lesley will help shape the future of the business, we sat down for a quick chat to learn more about her role.

CleanTEC Introducing Lesley Ross Lesley Onsite
CleanTEC Introducing Lesley Ross Lesley Onsite

What is your role and what area are you working in?

I am taking on the Director of Business Development role at CleanTEC and will be working alongside John to help drive and grow the business further.

What will be the main responsibilities of your role?

Anything related to developing the business, growing and making improvements where needed. My first priority is to really understand and learn the business from a variety of lenses. I will be spending days out with the different teams to find out what they do, how they feel about working at CleanTEC and what support they need going forward.

Initially, I will also be looking at our marketing strategy and brand to ensure it’s fit for purpose and aligns with our future plans. I will also be looking at a retention and recruitment plan to ensure we have the right people working with us to support the continued growth.

CleanTEC Introducing Lesley Ross Lesley Onsite With Coworker
CleanTEC Introducing Lesley Ross Lesley Onsite With Coworker

What vision do you have for growing the business?

Currently, the growth plan sits with John who is also quite heavily involved in the operations of the business. With me on board, some of the great ideas and plans that John has mapped out can really get going and be brought into action.

It’s a fast-paced business and therefore the team has to be very reactive in the way they work at times. I would like to be able to help build a model that allows for more proactive ways or working and planning.

What was your background before joining CleanTEC?

I worked for Heineken UK in Human Resources for 10 years and during that time did a variety of different roles supporting different areas of the business. Even though they are very different worlds (corporate vs SME) a lot of the experience gained will really play into some of the projects I will be working on at CleanTEC.

I loved working at Heineken, it’s a brilliant company and provided so many amazing opportunities but I knew after such a long time that I needed to re-energise myself with a change of direction.

CleanTEC Introducing Lesley Ross Selfie
CleanTEC Introducing Lesley Ross Selfie

Why did you decide to officially join CleanTEC?

It was a scary move to make as I have invested so much time in my career at Heineken and really got into a mindset where I believed that I relied on it and saw it as part of my identity; however, the role I was doing wasn’t bringing me alive in the way it used to and I knew I had to make a move or I would remain in my comfort zone for far too long and never do it.

I have recently undertaken a process of self-development and have spent time reflecting on my passions, on what is really important to me and what inspires me. That then led me into focussing on a number of personal interests and also what I wanted to do professionally.

That’s when I decided to join the family business and team up with John to really drive it forward. All of a sudden I have a new sense of purpose and am so excited about getting stuck in!

What aspect of the role are you looking forward to the most?

I can’t wait to get to know all of our people, they are such a valuable part of the business and will really help me to understand where I can best utilise my time and focus. I’m also excited to meet our customers and clients, build relationships and hopefully welcome new clients on board.

Lesley has long been interested in the business from a distance, contributing ideas and having discussions with me to help formulate ideas. I’m not only excited to bring her on board with the family business, but truly believe she can bring some new and exciting ideas to the table.

Lesley will be using this time to learn more about the business and some of our most valued customers, so don’t be surprised to receive an email or hear her on the end of the phone!

This is just one of the new additions we are looking to make to streamline the business and help our steady growth. This is an exciting time to be partnered with CleanTEC and we can not wait to share some of the new ideas with our customers throughout 2021.

Watch this space!


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