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Cleaning Your Windows And Gutters This Christmas

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Making the outside of your home look welcoming during the winter can be a challenge. Clogged gutters and soiled windows are just a couple of the challenges you have to overcome. Many choose to put off their chores throughout the winter months; however, for the most houseproud among us that might not be an option.

We understand how important a well-presented home is. CleanTEC was first launched as a window cleaning company, and it’s a service we continue to provide today. For the past decade, we have cleaned windows for clients across East Lothian, Edinburgh and surrounding regions. With over 1 million windows cleaned and counting, we provide a trusted service throughout winter.

Our gutter cleaning service also proves to be one of our most popular, increasingly so during the winter months. Whether it’s due to fallen leaves or changing temperatures, your gutters can also feel the effects of the season.

The Importance

They may not feel like the most important tasks to do around the house, but there are huge benefits to proper window and gutter maintenance. A well-presented home is obviously a key factor, but it’s not all down to aesthetics.

Winter is an especially important time for cleaning windows. We spend more time in the house, but that does not mean we can’t take in the changing weather outside. Falling snow and frost-bitten mornings look even better when you’re warm inside with a cup of coffee.

With many of us working from home this year, clean windows can even have an impact on your health and wellbeing. The shorter days mean less natural light, and it is important to capitalise on whatever chance we get for some sun. Clean windows aren’t just pleasant to look out, but can also let some goodness in.

Changing temperatures can cause excessive moisture and soil to form. Freezing water can reduce visibility and make them more challenging to clean. Snow and grime, coupled with salt from the roads and paths, can leave your windows looking worse for wear. The unforgiving winter sun won’t hesitate to amplify these blemishes.

Winter is also a very important time to maintain your gutters. Blockages are very common due to debris, and the rain and snow that is so common during the season will lead to increased traffic. The last thing you want is an overflowing drainpipe, especially in freezing temperatures.

The cold times are the most challenging for your home, and keeping on top of cleaning can have an impact on longevity. Clean windows are less likely to succumb to damage, and a free-flowing gutter will be a lot more efficient. While it is unlikely to have an immediate impact, poor maintenance can lead to longer-term damage.

We know what we are talking about when it comes to gutters. Our team has over a decade of experience on these jobs - as you can tell from the picture!

Our Advice

Winter cleaning requires rigorous preparation. Many tasks are not as quick or straightforward as they would be in the summertime. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are venturing out to do it yourself.

Proper equipment

Make sure you are always using the right equipment to properly tackle the job. There are a lot of good tools out there, especially for cleaning the windows. An effective method is to use some diluted windshield washer. This is designed to withstand the elements a bit more than regular window cleaner and, as it is still designed for glass, works well on your own windows.

Make sure you are tackling any streaks immediately, as you don’t want anything to freeze in place and make the task last longer.

Dust your windows

Chances are it has been a while since you have cleaned the windows. If this is the case, make sure you have cleared and dusted them prior to getting in with the sponge. There is nothing worse than streaking dirty water across your windows and doubling your efforts…

Dress appropriately

This one seems obvious but is always worth covering. We don’t just mean dressing up warm - it is about wearing the correct clothing. Warm clothes can often be quite restrictive and limit movement or grip. Try to wear clothing to battle the elements but also keep you safe.

Stick to the first floor

We recommend that you do not take any chances. Climbing ladders to reach high windows and gutters can be very dangerous in the wintertime. We recommend leaving these until the weather is better, or giving the professionals at CleanTEC a call…

Get in the Professionals

The primary piece of advice we would offer is to bring in the professionals. Our team has amassed decades of collective cleaning experience. We have all the equipment and knowledge to ensure your windows and gutters are not only cleaned, but they are done so to preserve longevity.

We also provide these services at a fair price. Leaving a job such gutter cleaning to roofers may leave you facing an expensive bill. We provide a quality service and the ‘CleanTEC Touch’ without having to break the bank at Christmas.

Cleaning second-storey windows and gutters in the winter can be a real problem. Icy and unstable grounds are a lot more common at this time of year, with high winds also being a potential for making the task uncomfortable.

We can provide internal and external window cleaning services and gutter cleaning services. Our professional standards never waiver, and hygiene and safety on every project is paramount to the team.

The service is always provided by a friendly face and scheduled to fit around your busy lifestyle. Working from home? Busy weekends of Christmas shopping? Not a problem - let us know when it works for you and we can fit you in.


Interested in a residential or commercial clean this winter? We offer a range of services suited to homes, offices and holiday let accommodations. Get in touch for a free estimate >>

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