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CleanTEC take to the sea

Thanks to our long-lasting Zoono sanitising procedure, the CleanTEC team have been able to sanitise the Atlantic Merlin and the Atlantic Kestrel in-between sailings whilst docked in Aberdeenshire.

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Inside the Atlantic Merlin and Atlantic Kestrel.

Depending on the crew rotation, we work on each ship approximately every 4 weeks. We conduct our Zoono sanitisation procedure throughout the entirety of both ships, which can take up to 5 hours depending on the size of the crew and how many cabins have been utilised since the last deep clean.

What our staff say.

“Working on the ships is always the highlight of my month. Getting to meet new and interesting people from all over the world is a major perk of the job as it provides something a bit different to our regular cleaning jobs. The tide times and tight deadlines may be a challenge but it’s still one of my favourite contract jobs that we’ve currently got on the go.”

– Alan

What our client says about working with us.

“We have used CleanTEC for over a year now and their service has been superb. Quick response time, reliable and easy to deal with. Working with them has seamlessly allowed us the ability to service our clients in the UK. Highly recommend.”

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