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What is involved in construction cleaning?

At CleanTEC, we recognise that our clients will have clients of their own, and it is with this audience in mind that we work seamlessly with site managers to conduct our comprehensive construction cleaning regimes. At the outset of every new project, we ensure that a good amount of time is spent with site agents in order to build a relationship and understand their needs and challenges.

Our construction cleaning team also supplies all the necessary documents for the service. This includes appropriate PPE, Method Statements, and relevant Risk Assessments.

But what is actually involved in a construction cleaning service?

Stage One – Builders

Once we have met with the site agent and cleaning dates have been agreed, then our 3 stage cleaning process begins.

During the installation of components like flooring and wall coverings, things can often be damaged if they are installed when the building’s interior is still generally dirty, which can have a negative effect at the handover stage. In this first stage, we would undertake the following jobs:

Protective Flooring –

  • Sweep up dust and then remove the protective flooring in all rooms

Dusting –

  • High level dust all door frames, cupboard door frames, fittings, and inside cupboard shelving

  • Remove all dirt and paint spillages that are on door and handles with a wet cloth

  • Remove all adhesive and paint spillage from all sockets and switches, radiators

  • Wash mirrored wardrobes with vinegar spray and dry cloth

Windows –

  • Remove dust from above the window

  • Hoover/brush out dust/stones from window checks and wipe clean

  • Wipe clean window frame removing all dirt and paint splashes and sticky adhesive

  • Wash windows inside and out making sure all paint, sticky adhesives, and dirt is removed

Bathrooms –

  • Remove any protective coverings on the bases of baths and shower trays

  • Remove all tape and adhesive and paint spots where possible

  • Wash and dry polish all tiled/splash back areas, fittings, units, work tops, and pipe work

  • Make sure all protective flooring is lifted and rubbish removed from under the bath

Kitchen/utility room –

  • Wash interior/exterior units

  • Dry polish exterior units

  • Wash and dry polish all wall tiled areas, surfaces, fittings, sinks, and pipe work

Hoovering –

  • Hoover all floors in every room and cupboards and make sure it's free from dust

  • Make sure hoovered underneath the baths, behind the kick board plates in the kitchen

Stage Two – Sparkle

The Sparkle clean stage comes next. This stage sees a repeat of the cleaning tasks outlined in stage one but is a more concentrated clean that gives particular attention to areas including the walls, flooring, fixtures, and fittings.

Whilst there are many Sparkle cleaning services out there that deal with more built up dirt and debris produced by building works, few services provide cleaning stages before and after this intensive clean.

At CleanTEC, we see these stages surrounding the intensive Sparkle clean as essential to ensure that the highest quality cleaning job can occur. This is partially due to the fact that air-borne debris and dust can take a while to settle once a job has finished – so by spreading out our 3 stage cleaning process, we mitigate the potential for the interior of the property to become dirty again after only one clean.

Stage Three – Re-clean

During this stage the CleanTEC team, once again, completes all the cleaning tasks listed above. This stage is particularly important as it ensures that the property is in the best condition possible before being presented to its new occupants. Our 3 stage construction cleaning service has been well received by the biggest construction corporations. We count it a great privilege to be a part of the process in helping provide individuals and families with their new properties, clean and ready for them to turn a house into a home.

Make first impressions count.

The final stage is to mirror the clients first impressions. This will involve a final check from a fresh pair of eyes, usually done by a Team Leader. At this stage we ensure we look through the end users eyes – what will they see and feel when entering their new home for the first time? We understand the significance of this moment and want to play our part in making the experience special. Have a few construction projects in your pipeline? We also offer contract cleaning services for businesses who work within the building and construction industry.

Get in touch with our team today to book in your construction clean.

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