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Growing Team and a Growing Business

Earlier this year we took some time to reflect on just how far CleanTEC has come in the last 10 years. I am proud to have watched the business grow since its inception all those years ago.

While we are very proud of how well the business has grown and adapted, we are not resting on our laurels. Now is the time to look to the future and equip the team and the company to grow further and continue delivering for our clients.

Thinking Ahead

This year has been challenging for many businesses and we know it has been difficult for some of our clients. We are all very thankful that this year has turned into a positive one for our business. From moving to our new HQ in Edinburgh to bringing in new sanitisation services, we have pivoted and adapted where we needed to and I can not compliment the team enough on the hard work they have produced.

Any business owner will tell you that, if you want your business to further grow and succeed, changes need to be made. You are never finished and there are always ways to improve. This has been the ethos of CleanTEC this year. We are making changes to future proof the business and ensure our continued growth.

So, how exactly are we doing this?

Business Restructure

This year has brought in a shift in our business structure. We have seen familiar faces depart and new ones join to help move us forward.

While we have unfortunately waved farewell to a few members of the team, we wish them well on their new ventures. Team members departing allows us to rethink our structure, bring in some fresh blood and restructure.

I have been thoroughly impressed with the new members of the team. They are thriving under our new structure and taking on responsibilities across the board, which has been a pleasure to see.

Our success has not only been due to new team members, though. The existing team members have all stepped up and shown a willingness to expand their skillset. We have increased the knowledge and responsibilities across the team, which has strengthened us in various business areas.

I’ve never been more proud to be working alongside this team, and I can see more growth opportunities on the horizon.

The new and improved CleanTEC does not just benefit our business but translates across to our customers as well.

Servicing the Community

CleanTEC began as one man in a van cleaning windows in the local community. Over the last ten years, we have widely expanded into providing new cleaning services. This has been exciting for us but has always been at the behest of the community. We have noticed gaps in the market, services that people have been calling out for, and have made the decision to expand into these areas.

This year saw a new challenge arise with the Covid-19 pandemic. This became an opportunity for us to explore offering sanitisation and hygiene services alongside the traditional cleaning, helping protect premises and the community.

The basis of all our business decisions is always how it will impact our clientele. No decision is made in haste, and similarly, no action is taken if we do not believe it will benefit our customers.

Expanding our team has allowed us to bring in new expertise and diversify our offering. We are always looking for new ways to help our customers, and employing new team members is a catalyst for this.

The same is true of upskilling our current team members. We are diversifying the team to ensure that everyone meets the standards of customer service that our clients have come to expect. CleanTEC now has a cohesive unit where everyone is capable of delivering exceptional standards of customer service. The team has never felt closer and we are excited to have new people with fresh ideas.

These small changes come together to spell out positive progress for our business. This is an exciting era, and we hope our clients are as thrilled as we are. The operational changes will only help us to improve our services and pass this on to each of our clients.

It’s a good time to be partnered with CleanTEC!


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