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Responding to Covid-19 Cases in Your Business

Since lockdown was first lifted, CleanTEC has been working with a number of clients throughout Edinburgh and East Lothian to ensure their businesses are ready for reopening.

While a regular cleaning schedule will always be a benefit, it is now important to also plan for an emergency. If someone in your business contracts Coronavirus, do you have a plan in place for how to respond?

While you will always want to ensure the well-being and health of any infected staff, you also have to ensure your work premises are safe for your other employees.

So, what do you do when you require emergency cleaning? This was a situation that one of our clients recently faced.

CleanTEC Case Study Blog Zoono in Kitchen

Case Study

We have managed to build a strong relationship with this particular client and have been providing their workplace with a regular deep cleaning service.

When their offices were contaminated during a major project, the client was left with a headache. How could they safely get staff into the office within a quick turnaround time?

Thankfully they had previously planned for this instance and included office cleaning as part of their emergency response.

When we were contacted about their emergency, our CleanTEC team were immediately all hands on deck.

The full cleaning process was completed in a matter of hours. Within the same day, the client had gone from facing a small catastrophe to having their minds at ease.

This case is just an example of how important it is to have an emergency Covid response in place, and how effective it is to include office cleaning in the plans. We offer a range of services and, through inclusion in your Covid emergency plans, can be on-hand to help in a crisis.

So, how could we help your business?

How CleanTEC Helps

The difficulty with the current climate is it can seem impossible to predict what cleaning you may require and when. Make sure to have plans in place for a worst-case scenario, and continue with a regular cleaning schedule as before.

While this particular team required an emergency call-out, there are many ways we can help to weather the storm.

Our primary service for businesses is to provide routine cleaning and sanitisation. Our Zoono sanitisation has proven very popular in busy offices. The protective formula coats surfaces and can help create a sterile work environment for up to 30 days after use.

We use an Electrostatic spray gun to charge the particles and ensure full, 360-degree coverage of worktops.

Routine cleaning helps to provide order and ensure your workplace is safe and sanitised, aside from any unexpected emergencies.

The services we provide, and when we provide them, are both flexible. We can attend your workplace on a regular basis, outside of working hours or on a quick turnaround if required.

Check out our recent blog which covered how best to sanitise your workplace for Covid-19 management.

CleanTEC Case Study Blog Zoono in Office

Understanding Our Clients

The main reason it was possible to provide the service outlined above is due to a long-standing relationship and an understanding of our client’s business.

Throughout our 10-year history, we have equally prioritised building relationships along with the quality services we provide. We partner with our clients, often for many years, which allows a deep understanding of what they need.

Our approach is always upfront and clear, and it is thanks to our honest approach with our clients that we can prioritise exactly what they need and provide support in their hour of need.

Whether through organised cleaning or a call-out at short notice, CleanTEC continuously strives to go above and beyond to provide our clients with the best possible service.


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