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What does lockdown mean for your cleaning services?

This year has not started the way that many hoped. A further lockdown has placed homes and businesses under the same restrictions as early last year. A consolation this time around is that we are now a little more familiar with what lockdown means for us, and our businesses, and what is allowed.

At CleanTEC, we are glad to be able to continue offering our essential services for our clients. As we kick off the new year, we thought it might be worth readdressing what we can provide and how we are keeping our customers and the team safe.

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Education establishments

One of the key talking points around the latest lockdown has been the closure of schools and wider education establishments to help stop the spread. While the buildings are currently closed, it is vital to think ahead and prepare for both the initial reopening and ongoing maintenance.

Whether you are looking to sanitise the building in the lead-up to schools reopening, effectively deep clean the school while it is currently out of use or are looking to partner with a cleaning company for out-of-hours routine cleaning when schools reopen - we can help!

Our sanitisation services are purpose-built for tackling large areas in an effective and efficient manner. Not only can we provide cleaning, but we can help kill nasty bacteria which is lingering on surfaces.

As many of our customers will be aware, we use Zoono for sanitisation purposes. This works to coat surfaces with a mono-molecular, microscopic layer that forms a barrier of protection. Because the molecules are positively charged and dispersed from an electrostatic gun, they work to kill any negatively charged pathogens they come in contact with. This, coupled with an effective deep cleaning regime, means we can help secure schools from the spread of Covid-19.

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Many workplaces across Scotland are currently closed with staff working from home; however, some essential business offices do remain open. This leaves a variety of business owners across the country with different priorities about how and when to secure their property.

Offices that remain open should be doing everything in their power to ensure safety for their employees. This includes organising deep cleaning and disinfection regularly while ensuring minimal crossover between staff and service workers.

Business owners with staff working remotely may not have immediate concerns; however, with offices sitting unused for months on end, and an influx of footfall when things reopen, now is the time for preparation.

At CleanTEC, we understand the stress that comes with ensuring safety for your workforce. It will always remain your priority. Not only do we provide services, we also provide advice and a fair assessment of what your business requires. We work in partnership with our clients to provide exactly what they need. Our cleaning and sanitisation regimen is tailored to suit your business hours and workplace - meaning no cross-contamination and no damaged equipment.

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New build properties

Lockdown doesn’t slow down all industries. New build home projects are still continuing across the country with people preparing to make their dream move or take their first step on the property ladder.

Not only should you create a clean and welcoming environment for the homeowner, but also a safe one. With teams of people working together to get the job done it is paramount that precautions are taken before handing over the keys.

Our team works on compounds cleaning multiple homes safely and simultaneously. We use Zoono disinfection products within the compound and the team, wear correct PPE and consult with the team regularly to help stop the spread. Cleaning new build properties is a tough job at the best of times - best get in the professionals to leave the homes safe and sparkling!


Similar to new builds and the retail market moving forward, home renovations have also continued throughout the lockdown. Whether an interior design project, an extension or a conversion, the finished product is what the customer will judge. Leaving a home clean and safe after the project is complete is essential.

With multiple people working on a site, effective sanitisation is key. Additionally, it is important to leave the job looking and feeling like a part of the home rather than a worksite.

CleanTEC is on-hand to assist interior designers as part of their client service. Bring us in at the end of a project to provide a professional touch before revealing the finished work. Our cleaning can complement your handiwork and can be scheduled to align with the project roadmap.


Spending more time at home during lockdown will naturally result in increased cleaning of your property. As with any other establishment, you will also want to take precautions to ensure your surfaces don’t harbour any nasty germs.

Many off-the-shelf disinfectant products are not designed for the strenuous effort required to fight the spread of Covid. They may require constant re-application or simply not have the power needed. CleanTEC still provides residential cleaning and sanitisation services, with Zoono specifically designed to cover all surface areas - even fabrics.

Our team works hard to provide a safe and secure residential clean on every job we undertake. This always includes PPE, social distancing and working when clients are not in the home where possible. This can also mean a focus on property exteriors, such as driveways and windows, to suit your needs.

January Offers

Whether it is a new year’s resolution or preparing for the return of your staff, we are here to help. Throughout January we are offering exclusive deals to new and existing customers.

New customers can get access to a free Zoono sanitisation for any property when they sign up for a deep clean, while customers with an ongoing contract can get 3-months’ free Zoono surface protection throughout January.

We are also offering a fantastic 20% off all standalone sanitisation appointments- perfect for protection during these unprecedented times!


Not only does CleanTEC provide peace of mind, but we also allow our clients to focus on the task at hand. Whether it is interior design, selling new build properties or working from home - we make sure you do not have to worry about cleaning.

Interested in finding out how we can help during lockdown? We offer a range of services suited to homes, offices and holiday let accommodations. Get in touch for a free estimate >>

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