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Changes To The Holiday Home Industry and How We Can Help

This year has been turbulent for most business sectors, none more so than the travel and holiday let industries.

Businesses now have an increased responsibility to ensure the safety of their guests, as well as their comfort. Here, we explore recent changes in the holiday let industry and how CleanTEC can help.

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Covid-19 Impact

Having a well-earned break has been a difficult task this year: with travel bans and enforced quarantines affecting foreign travel, there has been an increasing focus on the “staycation”.

Self-catering homes have been welcoming guests back - albeit under very different circumstances. Local lockdowns have caused uncertainty for owners, and restrictions on the number of people and households have made it difficult for holidaymakers to freely enjoy their time off.

Increased uncertainty and illness have led to last-minute cancellations, changes to bookings and a reduced necessity for face-to-face contact.

Many will be aware of the effects these changes have had, but how have the new restrictions affected cleaning standards?

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What has changed around cleaning?

Customer expectations have changed this year. While expectations have always been high, increased public awareness of cleaning and hygiene protocols means your business can not afford a single error.

There is also an increased responsibility for customers to follow the guidelines laid out on arrival. This allows business owners to ensure the property is left in a safe condition, as well as clean and tidy.

The good news is that, in theory, not too much will have changed around your cleaning services. If you were previously cleaning thoroughly between guests and doing regular deep cleans, then this will largely continue.

What will have changed is the care and time taken to follow these strict new procedures and protocols. The time it takes you to turnover the property will drastically increase and, if you are lucky enough to have staff, this can lead to increased pressure on them to meet certain standards. Ultimately you may have to look at increasing hours or headcount.

How CleanTEC can help

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The holiday home industry is one in which CleanTEC has specialised in for a number of years. We have a team of trained staff who are experts in offering particular services, and we have trained and adapted to meet the needs of the current climate.

The primary way we can help is through our turnover services. We partner with clients to provide regular cleaning of your property in between welcoming visitors, including a full laundry service. With a team of trained professionals, you can ensure that a rigorous clean is provided and nothing is missed.

Sanitisation is equally important to meet guidelines. You will have to take time on a regular basis to fully sanitise your property and make sure it has a deep clean. We provide regular, or emergency sanitisation services, to help reduce the risk of contamination. This service is especially important if a visitor displays any symptoms while staying in your property.

Our sanitisation service is primarily provided with the Zoono product. Our team are trained with this product to create a safe and sterile working and living environment. At the height of the virus spreading earlier in the year, Zoono was laboratory tested and they found a kill rate of ≥99.99% against the approved Covid-19 surrogate.

We use a combination of dry steam fogging machines and electrostatic guns to disperse the Zoono product throughout a holiday home. This provides full 360-degree surface coverage. The electrostatic guns make sure the particles in the Zoono formula are electrically charged, which means they are actively working by the time they hit the surface. Our specialist dry steam fogging machines also ensure the product hits the surface dry, meaning we can sanitise your holiday home as fast as possible.

You can fully outsource your cleaning services onto CleanTEC, or we can work in partnership with your existing team, whichever suits your business. All our services are flexible and tailored to meet your requirements.

The main thing CleanTEC provides is peace of mind, for you and your customers.


Interested in partnering with CleanTEC to clean your holiday home property? Get in touch with our team. Email us at or give us a call on 0131 665 6230.

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